The artist website of the painter Massimo Riccò

- 16 April 2021 | ,

The artist Massimo Riccò, a Modenese painter, began with a course of scientific studies, and then embarked on the path of art thanks to the guidance of the master Romolo Fontana, read the complete Biography to learn more about the artist.

For years, the painter Massimo Riccò has been involved not only in artistic production but also in the teaching of art.

On the artist’s website there are some of his best creations, the internal pages clearly explain who Massimo Riccò is, his vision of art and what his artistic career is, showing the production of an author who has been able to combine the classic art with modern technologies.

On the website you can find a lot of material about Massimo Riccò, photos, videos, publications, and if you think it’s appropriate you can contact him.