MARGHERITA FRACCON – Museum educator; graduated in art education and cul-tural mediation of artistic heritage at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. Special-ized in contemporary art

Art has the task of building a bridge between the inner universe of man and the environment that surrounds him. Massimo Riccò’s artworks reveal themselfes to the observer as an epiphany, the result of a trigger, of a fatal meeting between the artist and the world, as if it were a flash, an instant destined to be returned to life and its flowing.

The brushstroke, now impalpable now vaporous, gains consistency revealing itself as a whole, showing a confidence in the lines and geometries that build architecture, bodies and shapes.

Measurement and proportion mark the works of Riccò who, without ever betraying his careful study of compositional rhythms, grants the eye of the beholder color intervals of intense emotional impact. The potential of the colors, of which the artist demonstrates an absolute knowledge, orchestrate a rhythm that alternates balance and contrast, sharing the very nature of light, static and vibrant at the same time. The viewer thus becomes a witness of a process, of an alchemy, which transforms the reality of which the works bear traces into abstract backgrounds, now more now less generous.

The passion of the moment, of that meeting between heart and reality, is generously revealed by an artist who does not spare his observer of what has happened: Massimo Riccò’s poetics reveals the maturity and awareness of those who have something to tell. and can only rely on the canvas.

Margherita Fraccon