Massimo Riccò - BIOGRAPHY

Massimo Riccò

Massimo Riccò was born in 1961 in Modena, where he currently lives and works.

He has a professional scientific background; for over 35 years he has been working in the electronic development field of telecommunications equipment and professional radio networks.

At a certain point in his life, he feels the need to express himself freely, to create, to follow emotional impulses, to counterbalance the rigorous working methods that mentally enclose him every day.

The answer comes soon, supported by an innate predisposition, towards the end of the 90s, he approaches the world of graphic art. He draws with pencils, charcoals and sanguine, but he soon switches to color through the techniques of oil and acrylic paint.

He begins to frequent the master Romolo Fontana, becoming his friend. Thanks to it he gets hold of the artistic tools that allow him to express his art. An important artistic relationship is born which has been consolidated over time and which has constituted, for years, a precious opportunity for comparison and growth.

For some years he has been involved, in addition to artistic production, also in the teaching of painting art, trying to stimulate creativity and personal interpretation, in harmony with his vision of art.

My art

Massimo Riccò, contemporary artist

Massimo Riccò, contemporary artist

The artist has the privilege and the power to concretize an idea by transforming reality into something exciting. The artist paints what he feels, not what he sees: and this is a substantial prerogative in the creative process.

An artwork born from the heart and soul, then the brain detaches itself from reality to access the irrational dimension and get in tune with the abstract concept of emotion.

My vision of art governs my painting style, allowing me to express the overwhelming fervor of satisfying the inspiration that pervades me when I find myself in front of a subject that arouses an emotional impulse, mixed with memories and sensations.

In my artworks, the task of involving the observer in orchestrated chromatic dynamics in tune with the feelings that produced them is mainly assigned to color.

Emotions and thoughts crowd into the mind: sweet, delicate sensations, sometimes contrasted with strong, crazy, exuberant emotions.

My artworks is a collection of these emotions and moments of life lived in intimacy with oneself.

The focus of my work is the involvement of the observer who I consider essential, in this game of sensations and perceptions, through chromatic effects that exploit the strength of color and its psychological value, the engine of a strong emotional impact.

Artistic evolution

After an initial impressionist approach, of a predominantly figurative nature, over the years a constant evolution has been consolidated, towards the breaking of the form, assigning to color the task of giving the work strength and spontaneity.

The compositional research of subjects of various kinds is constant, and the study of the different materials to be used to make the artistic language effective.